Yes. Credit card surcharging is a simple idea that is complex in its implementation due to a myriad of federal, state, local, and card issuer regulations.

Merchants must comply with specific requirements when applying a credit card surcharge. Some of these requirements include;

  1. Credit card companies require merchants to display a notice of the surcharge at the in-store and online points of sale.
  2. The maximum credit surcharge is 4% of the transaction total, or the actual cost to process cards, whichever is lower.
  3. Credit card companies require written notification of “intent to surcharge” 30 days prior to imposing any surcharges.
  4. Credit card surcharge fees must appear on every receipt in an individual line item.
  5. If a merchant provides a refund for an item and a transaction fee was applied to the purchase, the full transaction fee must also be refunded.


Those are just a few of the regulations surrounding surcharging. Each state and locality have their own specific regulations, so consult your state or local law book to learn more.

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